July 23, 2014

Bones and Girls

We are in the process of repainting and redoing the younger boys' rooms. Bones' room is currently done in Super Heroes and he's 15. He's done with the Super Hero bedroom.

He said to me today, "I'm so glad you're changing it. I hate it. I hate the super heroes. It's embarrassing. I mean, what if I had a girlfriend and she saw it?"

I looked at him and replied, "I'd hope that there wouldn't be a girl in your bedroom..."

He said, "Oh yeah. I mean, when she passed by..."

I ended it with, "I'm thinking we need to keep the Super Heroes. I'm concerned about this girl stuff..."

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July 22, 2014

T and the Girls

My second son met a girl at a music camp last week. He was a counselor. I'll call her Karen.

Karen is a musician at Bones' school. He says she's great and T, I think, thinks she's pretty great too. I'm finding that T is starting to hang out with a lot of people at Bones' Art school, but interestingly enough, not because of Bones.

So Karen and T are going to the beach tomorrow.


My fair skinned blue eyed boy who has never really loved the beach (he'd rather go boating or fishing) is meeting up with a girl at the beach.

A group of them are going and Karen is bringing one of her friends, who I will call, Susan.

So we're at dinner tonight and Bones said, "So what did Karen say Susan is like?"

T replied, "Well, I hear she's tough. She's kind of judgmental and she really hates sarcasm..."

And before he could finish the sentence, all four of us said at the same time, "Uh oh, she is going to HATE YOU."

It was so dang funny. Susan would hate our family. At dinner we can be the worst and we all laugh hysterically.

Mo says we invented sarcasm. It's bad. After dinner tonight, Ringo who is still home from college, said, "Man, I missed this." Heh

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July 17, 2014

The Waiting Game

I showed up with Bones at 8AM. I rang every buzzer and knocked on every door to get inside the school or to get someone's attention. I called the inside phone every 10 minutes, knowing someone was inside.


Finally, I saw a woman going in and I said, "Do you know Mrs. ABC? She was supposed to call me yesterday and I need to speak with her."

She looked at me like she could not care less if I dropped dead on the spot and said, "I'll tell her someone is out here asking for her" and she walked inside.

I waited five minutes more and now I was PISSED. I called down to the other high school to find out if he was supposed to take it there instead... trying to find any information. Was he on their rosters?

After speaking to a very nice secretarial type person she said, "I promise you.... I *WILL* call you back."

And on a side note. The black community gets a bad wrap for being difficult to work with in these types of jobs and let me state for the record, by the sound of every voice I'd spoken with over the last three weeks, every single person had a white accent and they all could not care less what happened to my child and this secretary who had a definitive black accent was the MOST helpful and the KINDEST woman I had spoken with in three weeks, perhaps beaten out only by her Latin boss who not only called me back, assured me that my son was important to him (I never implied he was not), but then called me back AGAIN an hour later to make sure it had all been resolved.

I was brought into a room to sit and wait. Mrs. ABC never came out to greet me. She never came out to find out what was going on. The rude emotionless woman who I saw at the door informed me that Mrs. ABC never called me because she didn't have an answer.

I said to her in exasperation, "But, that IS an answer. That is communication! Do NOT keep me in the dark. Tell me there is an issue..."

And she literally repeated to me flatly, "Mrs. ABC did not call you because she did not have an answer." As if I'd never said a word... it was crazy and unimpressive.

Finally, a man came out who was the testing coordinator. I take it back. He was the kindest man we worked with. He was awesome.

We found out that many many people had dropped the ball. He was horrified as he pieced it together and then said, "Wait here, please."

He went to his office, called the School District, got hold of some IT guy, and had Bones placed on his list for testing.

So Bones took it there.

I thanked the man profusely for helping me and I intend to write some letters.

But the best part was, after Bones finished taking the test, he said he went up to the man and said, "Thank you again for everything you did so I could take it here today."

I'm not sure how much he gets thanked. I'm hoping my son made a positive impression because that man made one on us.

I'm also calling back the man at the other school and thanking him for his time and making sure that the woman who answered... is thanked as well.

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