August 18, 2014

Honey! Don't Shrink My Clothes!

My oldest son was coming through the house the other day and said, "That dryer shrinks my clothes."

I just sat there. If the dryer was shrinking his clothes, it would be shrinking the family's. And it's not. So..

I finally said, in an attempt to be diplomatic, 'Check the settings and make sure you don't have it on high".

He's been home all summer, going to college, working, eating crap food, not going to the gym, probably drinking when he stayed over at his buddy's.

I noticed he looked a bit bigger. The dryer did not shrink clothes.

The next day he came through and said, "These pants, that are ALWAYS big, are tight."

And with that, he stormed into my bathroom, weighed himself, came back and said "I GAINED WEIGHT!"

I let him vent and then I said, "When you go back to your normal routines at college, going to the gym every day, it will come off..."

I had to laugh. "The dryer is shrinking my clothes".


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