July 26, 2014


I have 15-20 women coming to stay in my home next weekend for a big retreat. I'm in the process of cleaning.

I've gone into closets I've not gone into in... 10 years.

It is easy to clean when you just say, "I'm throwing it all away..."

I'm going to have 15 bags for donations and big trash day is this week.

I'm not sure what's gotten into my husband and me. We're about to start some home renovations as well. I'm getting us on city water in the next month. We're redoing the back patio in a concrete stamp so it doesn't just look like a slab. The boys bedrooms are being repainted the first weekend in August. I'm starting to save money for renovating our last bathroom.

I have a long term and short term goal list that I keep on the fridge. We've been saving for the short term list and some of the old long term goals are now here.

So this is the year.

Next up... picking a color to repaint the inside of the house. I would love to do that next year.

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July 25, 2014


Tip of the Day.

When you go to a Catholic HS and they don't allow facial hair in their school pictures...

... and when it is the summer before your senior year...

... it would NOT be the time to grow humongaloid mutton chops for the summer...

... for if you go to the Keys for the week with buddies, go to the beach a couple times at home, just in general hang out side when you live in S. FL...

... when it comes time to shave off said mutton chops for school pictures, there will be huge mutton chop white spots on the sides of your face.

You're welcome.

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July 24, 2014

Starting on a Bad Note and Ending on a Happy Note

In case you have wondered, the accident report is out for Lex's death. I found it and nothing about it makes me feel better. It makes me feel more ill...


Let me know if the link doesn't work and I'll provide the path.


In Scouts, we have Scout Masters and Committee Chairmen, at least in T's Troop. Our Committee Chair finally left, all his boys having graduated from high school. I think he had the job for nine years.

He was awesome. He was kind. He had a good heart. He made us feel good. He made the boys feel good.

We have a replacement and I went to the meeting tonight. I ended up having to leave, because he was the biggest jerk, I was going to call him on it... in front of everyone.

And no good can come of that.

Our Treasurer called me and said, "I think he sucked the life out of me." I've already told the Scout Master he may have a mass exodus of volunteers. The key is, we're volunteers. If you don't treat your volunteers well, they leave.

I have one more year.


Meanwhile, our band director quit at T's high school. It was just in time as the boys were all sick of him and had gone to guidance (led by Mr. T) to get pulled out of band. This was in March. Fortunately, guidance, realizing what a trainwreck this would be for the new band director, showed their hand and said to the boys, "Don't leave. Just don't. We promise... change is coming."

And the boys kept it quiet until it was announced. I was proud of them. Instead of doing a happy dance or in your face act, they quietly went back to class, and never said a word, however smug they felt inside... and they were feeling quite smug!

I was going to step down as Band President. I'd had the job for three years and I was done. As a person, I liked the band director. As a teacher, he hated kids, he hated his job, and it was stressful for me. So I was going to be a background helper and groom someone to take it.

But when the band director put in his notice, I realized the new band director would need continuity, so I stayed.

I love this guy. He LOVES kids. He loves teaching. He is enthusiastic, BIG energy, and has wonderful ideas.

I'm just... really really excited. More excited about anything that has happened at their school and I like their school.

This will be a fun year.

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July 23, 2014

Bones and Girls

We are in the process of repainting and redoing the younger boys' rooms. Bones' room is currently done in Super Heroes and he's 15. He's done with the Super Hero bedroom.

He said to me today, "I'm so glad you're changing it. I hate it. I hate the super heroes. It's embarrassing. I mean, what if I had a girlfriend and she saw it?"

I looked at him and replied, "I'd hope that there wouldn't be a girl in your bedroom..."

He said, "Oh yeah. I mean, when she passed by..."

I ended it with, "I'm thinking we need to keep the Super Heroes. I'm concerned about this girl stuff..."

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